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Hackney Homes warns against dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning


Hackney Homes is reminding residents of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home.

CO is a deadly poisonous gas, produced by unsafe gas appliances which if exposed, can have deadly consequences. In order to prevent the risk of poisoning, residents are being advised to ensure all gas appliances are checked at least once a year by a qualified Gas Safety Engineer.

Hackney Homes has already installed more than 20,000 carbon monoxide detectors in homes across the borough, that alert tenants immediately if CO risk of poisoning is detected.

Since installation of the detectors, over 500 incidents have been reported. Inspection results highlighted that in addition to faulty boilers and cookers, the use of oversized pots on gas hobs and foil on burners are also a major source of CO exposure in the home.

Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing
The safety and welfare of our residents is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to raising awareness of this issue and continue to remind residents, including tenants when we do our annual gas safety checks, about the importance of regularly checking their gas appliances.
Cllr Philip Glanville, Cabinet Member for Housing

In the event of a CO alarm, turn off the cooking or heating device and contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999. If you would like more information about the annual gas safety check carried out by Hackney Homes call 020 8356 8828 or visit www.hackneyhomes.org.uk/hm-maintenance-gas-servicing