Hackney first to pilot online freight map

A new interactive mapping service, to help freight providers and haulers plan the best routes through Hackney, has been launched.

Hackney Council is piloting the scheme, in partnership with bespoke mapping provider PIE Enterprises and Transport for London. It is designed to allow drivers of large vans and trucks plan the easiest and most efficient route, which avoids residential areas, when travelling through the borough or making deliveries.

As well as highlighting streets with specific weight, height, parking and width restrictions, it shows where the single and double yellow lines are and loading and unloading bays.

It is hoped that the online service will prove very useful for haulers and firms that use large vehicles to make deliveries in the borough. It is also hoped that residents will see the benefits, in terms of alleviating congestion and reducing the environmental damage large vehicles can do in residential areas.

Other benefits should include a reduction of noise and dust and improved road safety in residential areas, as well as less damage to local infrastructure.

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “Residents have told us they’re really fed up with traffic congestion caused by big lorries going up streets which were simply not designed for them.

“This new online service will mean freight providers and haulers will be able to map a route through Hackney, which avoids all restricted areas and improves the lives of residents affected”

The service is intended to be most helpful for planning routes into busy town centres like Dalston, Hackney Central and Shoreditch.

Go to and click on ‘freight mapping’ to check out the service, or call 020 8356 3000 for more information.