Hackney Council says be noise aware

Wednesday 29 April is International Noise Awareness Day – and Hackney Council is urging people to be aware of how the noise they make affects the people around them.

Noise pollution can really affect people’s quality of life and the council has approved £115,000 additional investment to tackle this and other environmental health issues for this financial year.

The law enables the Council to deal with noise from premises, including homes, pubs and clubs or building sites. However, they have no legal powers to deal with noise from rowdy behaviour in public places, from traffic and aircraft and general household noise caused by inadequate sound insulation.

Three quarters of calls to the Council’s Noise Team are about domestic premises, but they also deal with din from roadworks and burglar and car alarms.

Some cases are settled by a visit from the team, but the Council will prosecute if necessary, and can obtain a warrant to seize the property, or even pets, that are causing the noise. Last year, the Council carried out five such seizures. It also reviewed licences of eight pubs and clubs after noise complaints, and one lost its licence as a result.

Cllr Alan Laing, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Many people are simply unaware that they are disturbing others, and will turn the volume down if asked. But if people won’t act responsibly then we can and will take action – including legal action if necessary.”
If you are bothered by noise, contact the Noise Service on 020 8356 4455.