Hackney business leaders sign first Business Charter


Hackney’s business community attended en masse to sign the first Hackney Business Charter, a commitment to the ongoing investment in the borough’s economy and its community.

Over 90 leaders from across Hackney’s thriving industries joined the Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe, for the inaugural Hackney Business Summit, a celebration of the positive impact that large commercial and smaller local businesses can have in the borough.

Launching on 25 March at Ace Hotel in the centre of Shoreditch, home to hundreds of exciting and diverse enterprises known nationally and globally, the Summit provided an opportunity for businesses to sign-up to the Charter’s three key principles, which are:

  • Community: making a commitment to actively support and invest in the local community.
  • Employment: adhering to the principles of fair work and pay, providing equal opportunities, and investing in local people by employing Hackney residents.
  • Environment: being involved in improving the character of Hackney and running a business in a way that enhances and does not damage the local environment.

Hackney has experienced unprecedented economic growth in recent times, however despite this there remains significant deprivation and need, with generations of long-term unemployment and almost 40 per cent of children growing up in poverty.

The Charter’s principles aim to encourage businesses to investment back into local areas of need, providing employment opportunities for local people, supporting and strengthening communities, bringing in new and established businesses as well as further associated opportunities to the borough.

Businesses that sign the Charter will receive a range of comprehensive support from the Council that includes recruitment support, help with finding work premises in Hackney, growth and investment advice and training, promotion via the Hackney Business Network, and invitations to further business community events.

It was terrific to see so many businesses turn up to the launch, all interested to find ways they could put something back into the community around them. The Council is keen to support Hackney businesses to succeed and in return, through our Hackney Business Charter, we’re looking to them to open up opportunities for local people. The borough has unemployment and our new and growing businesses have a skills shortage – this scheme is designed to help solve both problems.

Hackney’s growing economic success should work for its residents as much as it works for businesses and visitors, if the borough is to remain a great place to live.
Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney

Businesses can find out more about the Hackney Business Charter by visiting: www.hackney.gov.uk/business-charter