Greener street sweepers hit Hackney’s streets


Hackney Council has taken delivery of twelve new state-of-the-art street sweepers, the first of 57 new vehicles ordered to meet ambitious emissions rules set to come into force in October 2021. 

The new Johnston CX202 street sweepers are capable of running on hydro-treated vegetable oil, a renewable fuel that reduces emissions, helping them to meet requirements for Transport for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone as it expands to the north and south circular. 

Dust screens from the sweepers also capture particulate matter, further reducing their impact on local air quality, and the vehicles have multi-directional cameras and cycle safety systems to help the driver share road space with other road users. 

The sweepers join the Council’s existing fleet of environmentally friendly and ULEZ-compliant vehicles, including over 50 electric vehicles and over 150 that can operate on hydro-treated vegetable oil. 

John Wheatley, Hackney Council’s Head of Environmental Services, said: “While our extensive use of biofuels and electric vehicles means we already have one of the greenest fleets in the country, these state-of-the-art sweepers help us go further in tackling harmful emissions and meet Transport for London’s targets for the Ultra Low Emission Zone. The team are really looking forward to getting started with the new equipment, which, along with being much more environmentally friendly, offers unparalleled levels of comfort and safety for staff.” 

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TfL’s Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding to the north and south circular in October 2021. Find out how it could affect you: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone