Get involved with the Hackney Young Futures Commission


Aged between 10-25? Want to make a difference to life in Hackney? Want to get your voice heard on issues that affect your life? Then the Hackney Young Futures Commission wants to hear from you.

Launched officially in May, the Hackney Young Futures Commission is now looking for young people aged between 10-25 to get involved with the project, one that’s helping to amplify the voice of young residents and make positive changes to life and growing up in the borough.

Hackney is a relatively young borough, with around 35% of the population under 25, setting up the Commission is part of the Council’s commitment to making the borough a more child friendly place, putting the opinions and experiences of young people at the front of decisions that will affect them.

The Commission is independent of the Council and is hearing from thousands of young people, recording their lived experiences and helping to voice the changes they want to see made. In 2020 the Commission will produce a report of their findings, together with a list of recommendations and present them to the Council and its partners, to ensure changes are made to make Hackney a better place to live, work, go to school and grow up in for all young people in the borough.

Originally the Commission included both young people as well as adults including Councillors, and Council staff, but after a majority vote from the board the Commission will now be 100% youth led, and is now looking for more people under 25 to get involved.

Jermain Jackman, Hackney Young Futures Co-Chair said: “If you have an opinion, or want to see something done differently, then don’t just sit back, get involved with the Commission and help make a difference to your life, as well as the lives of your siblings, extended family and your friends. We have the power as young people to make a difference, and coming together through the Commission we can use that power collectively to make Hackney an even better place.”

Shekeila Scarlett, Hackney Young Futures Co-Chair said: “Though some amazing conversations and discussions have started on the issues affecting young people from all different backgrounds, we’d still like to get more people to get involved. Even if it’s filling in the survey online, joining the commission itself or coming along to one of our events, then please do get in touch with us. A movement has started for young people in Hackney to work together to make positive changes, for and within our communities, so get in touch and get involved!”

Keep up to date with work from the Commission by following @HacYoungFutures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and visit: www.hackneyyoungfutures.co.uk to take part in the Hackney Young Futures survey.