Garden waste service to become subscription-only from 6 May

A charge for garden waste collections is set to be introduced in Hackney from 6 May as the Council responds to a £52m budget shortfall over the next three years. 

It is expected to affect the fifth of Hackney households that currently use the Council’s garden waste service and brings the borough in line with neighbouring councils that also charge. 

Collection days will also change for dry mixed recycling, garden waste and food waste for some street-level properties (houses or houses that have been converted into flats – typically households with their own bins) in the borough as the Council makes its collection routes more efficient - helping to reduce pollution emitted during collection rounds. The frequency of collections will not change.

The changes will help the Council balance the books in some service areas whilst continuing to prioritise funding for essential services, such as the care it provides for vulnerable children and adults. 

Residents can apply online from today for the new garden waste service, which will cost from £78 for the period 6 May 2024 to 31 March 2025. Once residents have applied, the Council will send a permit showing that they have paid for the service - to be attached to their brown garden waste bin or bag. Those who choose not to pay will stop receiving garden waste collections from 6 May.  

The Council is also ending its provision of free food waste liners for street-level properties - with residents able to place loose food waste into caddies, line with newspaper or brown paper bags, or purchase their own. 

Caroline Woodley, Mayor of Hackney

We are seeing councils up and down the country struggle to make ends meet.

Hackney needs to make changes now to help prepare for the future and work with residents to ensure alternatives to green waste collection such as composting are fully supported.

Unlike many councils, we’ll continue to offer weekly mixed recycling and food waste collections.

Caroline Woodley, Mayor of Hackney

Residents can sign up for garden waste collections at hackney.gov.uk/garden-waste

Residents who chose not to subscribe have alternative options to recycle garden waste. Garden waste can be home composted using a composter. For more information, visit: hackney.gov.uk/reduce-reuse-and-repair/#composting. Garden waste can also be taken to one of four reuse and recycling centres in North London. More information: hackney.gov.uk/recycling-centre