Don’t get caught in the cold – check your heating!


The nights are drawing in and the chilly evenings have already begun but Hackney Council tenants are being urged to make sure they don’t get caught out by checking their heating sooner rather than later.You may not need it at the moment but it is a good idea to test your heating now to make sure it’s going to work when you do need it.

All you need to do is:

  • Make sure you have both gas and electric credit on your meters
  • Select heating on the programmer/timer
  • Turn up the room thermostat to full
  • Fully open all radiator valves

Doing this simple check in advance could mean you avoid being caught in a backlog of emergency call-outs that can happen during the first cold snap of the year and people find their heating doesn’t work.


Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Cabinet Member for Housing Services
It is very important to check your heating now before winter truly sets in. We receive a significant number of calls as temperatures drop, which can lead to delays, meaning some residents may face waiting in the cold. It only takes a few minutes to test and can save you distress later on.
Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Cabinet Member for Housing Services

If the heating does not come on after carrying out these checks, tenants can contact the Repairs Contact Centre on: 020 8356 3691.