Don’t allow your dog to foul up our public land

Hackney Council is urging dog owners who walk their pets on the borough’s parks, open spaces and public highways to clean up after their dogs or face the consequences.

The Parks Service, working with park’s User Groups and the Council’s Environmental Enforcement team, is cracking down on dog owners who fail to remove their pets’ faeces from public land in Hackney.

The irresponsible dog owners are in breach of the Dog Fouling Control Order, adopted by the Council in January 2008, and could face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80.

In recent months Hackney has seen an increase in the number of dogs fouling its parks, open spaces and public highways. Failure to remove dog faeces from public highways and those used for public recreation is irresponsible. It is not just smelly and unsightly it also poses a serious risk to public health.

Dog faeces often carry the Toxocara canis worm infection, which contaminates soil and other surfaces. For humans, who accidentally come into contact with the infected faeces, it can lead to severe or repeated infection affecting body organs including eyes, which, in some cases, may cause reduced vision or even blindness.

Councillor Nargis Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “We know that most dog owners have consideration for others and would not allow their pets to foul public land. But we want everyone to act responsibly and support us in our work and investments to preserve our parks, open spaces and public highways. Together we can help make Hackney a cleaner, greener borough, one in which we can all take pride.”

As part of the Council’s efforts to clean up its public land, the Environmental Enforcement Team have recently conducted two dog fouling operation days and plan to carry out another one later this month.

You can get involved by contacting the service on 020 8356 4810 and advising of areas where dog fouling occurs. We will ensure we visit your street on one of our enforcement days to promote responsible dog ownership and fine any irresponsible behaviour witnessed by an officer.

Additionally, a new FIDO canine faeces collection vehicle will be in use across the borough’s parks and open spaces. The operative will also carry dog faeces collection bags and information to hand out to members of the public. The waste will be disposed at designated sites.

For more information or to report a dog fouling problem in the borough’s green spaces or public highways contact Hackney Service Centre on 020 8356 3000 or email: