Dawn raids lead to twelve arrests


A series of dawn raids this morning, Wednesday, 3 December, has concluded an operation to target violence in the borough of Hackney.

Twelve people - suspected to be part of an network responsible for supplying crack cocaine and heroin in the Hackney area, linked to gang related violence - were arrested in connection with the investigation which is the culmination of three months’ of proactive policing activity.

More than 100 officers were involved in the operation, codenamed Amber. Led by the Hackney's Integrated Gangs Unit (IGU) additional support was provided by officers from Territorial Support Group (TSG) and The Trident Gang Crime Command. 

Today's operation is part of the continued partnership focus on targeting gang violence in Hackney, for which there has been direct Hackney Council funding for the past four years. It remains a key priority to target the small number of people involved in gang violence through further operations such as this, together with the work of the Integrated Gangs Unit, which provides a comprehensive range of opportunities for those who wish to leave a gang lifestyle behind them.

Seven suspects were arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs, 2 suspects arrested for possession of class B drugs and one suspect arrested for possession with intent to supply. They remain in custody at East London police stations.





Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council
Crime in Hackney is at its lowest level for years but we know that there still remains a small minority of individuals who are who involved in serious, violent and gang-related crime. Today's operation is part of the continued focus on targeting gang violence in Hackney. Our investment in this and similar operations, together with the work of the Integrated Gangs Unit, which works to find ways out of gangs, demonstrates our commitment to tackling organised crime and gangs in Hackney.

Hackney is a vibrant and exciting place and the MPS is committed to ensuring it is safe for residents, businesses and visitors alike to enjoy.
Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Dan Brown said: “Today’s arrests are the culmination of an intelligence-led targeted operation by Trident and borough officers to tackle gang violence and the supply of Class A drugs in one of the busiest areas of the borough. An issue which blights the local community, drug dealing operates primarily in an environment where fear or threat of violence is prevalent; and on this occasion we have arrested suspects of an organised criminal network we believe to be responsible for a significant supply of drugs in the area."