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Dalston Special Policy Area approved by Hackney Council

Dalston Special Policy Area agreed by Hackney Council

A new Special Policy Area (SPA) for Dalston to help reduce late night noise and antisocial behaviour was approved by Hackney Council, Wednesday 29 January. 

The policy is not an absolute ban on new premises opening in the area and existing venues will not be affected. Any new applications to stay open later than the new guidelines set out will need to demonstrate they will not have a negative impact on the area.

The Special Policy Area sets out guidance on the types of venue which can apply for an alcohol licence and their permitted opening hours, and will run along Kingsland High Street and Stoke Newington Road, from Middleton Road in the south to Evering Road in the north. 

In 2013 Hackney Council ran a 12 week consultation (20 June to 18 October) with residents and businesses on the proposal. Almost three-quarters of the 2,856 respondents said there was a problem with litter and waste, 61 per cent were concerned about anti-social behaviour and 34 per cent complained about noise. Forty one per cent of respondents from the properties in the immediate vicinity (roughly 50m) supported the proposal. Although, overall 84 per cent of people were against it.   

The SPA will only affect applications for new licences or variations of existing licences. It would not stop new licenses from being granted but would enable the Council to work with licenced premises to ensure good management of their business for the benefit of the area. 

Cllr Emma Plouviez, Licensing Chair, Hackney Council
Dalston is one of the most vibrant parts of the borough and has a great selection of restaurants, bars and clubs attracting people from across London. This is great for the local economy, but it’s also becoming increasingly apparent that we have to manage growth if we are to ensure that litter and anti-social behaviour does not get worse – it is already affecting the quality of life for residents who live nearby. “Having the SPA does not mean an absolute ban, it aims to strike a balance, by attracting the right type of responsible licensees to complement existing measures to reduce litter and antisocial behaviour.
Cllr Emma Plouviez, Licensing Chair, Hackney Council