Crime, affordable housing, and keeping Hackney clean - your priorities

CRIME, affordable housing, and keeping Hackney clean are the priorities for Hackney residents, according to a survey.

Residents were consulted in January through Hackney Today, the Council’s website, and forms sent out to GP surgeries, neighbourhood offices and children’s centres about which issues they want to see reviewed by Scrutiny Commissions.

From more than 200 responses, 49.8% of Hackney residents said priorities should include making the borough safer and addressing fear of crime; 41.5% said affordable housing and quality social homes; and 39.6% said keeping Hackney clean.

Other topics included employment and the local economy (39.1%); public transport and traffic congestion (38.6%); education services for children and adults (31.4%); cultural, sports and leisure facilities (24.2%); pride in the community (20.8%); services for older people (18.4%); and the local health service (16.9%).

Cllr Simche Steinberger, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Board, said: “I would like to thank all residents who gave up their time to take part. This is valuable information that informs the work of how we hold local public services to account. We welcome feedback throughout the year, and will happily consider responses from residents in relation to our reviews.”

Following this survey and Overview and Scrutiny is due to complete a review of estate safety and anti-social behaviour, as well as reviews of child poverty and how the Council supports vulnerable adults. A one-off meeting to consider street drinking will take place in the new year, and Scrutiny will continue to monitor the work of the Council s street cleaning teams. A full list of the reviews is available on the Council s website.

There are five Scrutiny Commissions in Hackney, which are made up of councillors working across party political lines to investigate issues of local concern.

For more information, and to attend a meeting of a Scrutiny Commission, visit or contact the Scrutiny team on 020 8356 3341.