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Cracking down on tenancy and Right to Buy fraud

Channel 4’s Dispatches series has investigated Right to Buy recently, and although they didn’t film in Hackney, we have investigated and cancelled nine fraudulent Right to Buy applications in the borough since last April.

A total of 78 fraudulent or otherwise unauthorised tenancies have also been cancelled since April, including through succession, and the properties given instead to one of the 2,300 households on the Council’s waiting list.

In the 2014/15 financial year, 135 homes were recovered from improper use in Hackney, more than double the London average of 55, and more than 20 times the average in England, of seven.

Since 2010, a total of 591 homes have been recovered and given to families on the waiting list in this way.

Including housing associations, across Hackney there are also 387 current investigations.

I hope that provides a glimpse of Hackney Council’s commitment to stopping tenancy fraud, as well as fraudulent Right to Buy applications, and to ensuring that social housing in the borough goes to those most in need.

If you know of any properties that you suspect are being used fraudulently, please let us know on 0800 3286340 or at housingfraud@hackney.gov.uk

Cllr Philip Glanville

Cabinet Member for Housing