Court orders closure of Hackney social club

Beemans Social Club

A social club in Hackney whose late night parties were causing misery for neighbours living nearby has been ordered to close.

Beemans social club, in Rosina Street, was the subject of complaints from residents who reported anti-social behaviour taking place in and around the club. This included customers urinating in doorways, littering and making noise late at night and early in the morning.

Hackney Council and Police worked with neighbours to obtain evidence before attending Thames Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 10 October, where they were granted a Premises Closure Order.

The property has now been secured and anyone trying to gain access during the closure period will be in breach of the order, and could be fined up to £5,000 and/or six months imprisonment. The closure order will stay in place until 2 January 2014.

Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council
Those operating and visiting Beemans showed a complete disregard for people living nearby, who were subjected to regular bouts of anti-social behaviour, which was absolutely unacceptable. Statements from residents formed an important part of this case, which was only successful because of the joint work between residents, Police and the Council, so we would like to thank them for their co-operation.
Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council

Acting Sergeant Craig Brummel, from Chatham Safer Neighbourhoods team, said: "This closure is excellent news for local residents, many of whom have been subjected to an awful amount of anti-social behaviour.

"I would like to thank the local residents, as without their support, this closure order would not have been possible."