Council wardens help take lethal weapons off our streets


Hackney Council wardens have helped the police recover 54 knives, two firearms and 20 rounds of ammunition during recent weapons sweeps.

Weapon sweeps happen regularly across the borough and are part of a wider strategy to tackle violence. Searches happen at places such as parks, churchyards and estates. These weapons, including a two-foot long ‘Zombie Blade’ were found between 6 May and 25 August.

Through the partnership work of the Integrated Gangs Unit ( IGU) and joint operations funded by Hackney Council work has been undertaken to tackle those who are involved in gang related violence through diversion activities or where necessary enforcement.

Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council
Dangerous weapons that could have caused fatal injuries have been taken off our streets thanks to the police and council wardens. I want those who are responsible for hiding weapons like these to know that Hackney’s wardens will continue to join police searches for weapons across the borough.

“By continuing our close working relationship with the police we can help make the borough a safer place for us all.
Cllr Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Hackney Council

Hackney’s 16 community safety wardens are one of the links between the Council and the community. The wardens wear a uniform, patrol the streets and as well their close working relationship with the police they issue fines for antisocial behaviour, such as littering, noise, dog fouling and graffiti. They have powers to seize alcohol and deal with incidents of street trading. Wardens are also on hand to give residents help and advice.


Supt Andy Walker from Hackney Police said "The council wardens are working hard in partnership with the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and issues which affect people's lives. Their work searching open spaces for weapons has a real impact on keeping Hackney safe for everyone to enjoy."

If you would like to contact your neighbourhood warden, or invite them to a community event or group meeting, you can call 020 8356 6867 or email: wardens@hackney.gov.uk