Council transforms public spaces with £1.5m secured from developers

Two new public spaces in Shoreditch, part of a series that have been transformed by Hackney Council with nearly £1.5m of funding secured from developers, have opened. 

The new spaces in Pitfield Triangle and Worship Square include more seating, trees, plants and seasonal colour, all intended to create a new, high-quality area alongside key road and cycle routes. 

They join five other schemes - at Brunswick Place, Garden Walk, Bowling Green Walk, Principal Place and New Inn Yard - which reopened earlier this year and have been redesigned to create new areas for walking, cycling and relaxing, using money secured from section 106 agreements with the Council. 

Improvements include new materials, lighting and seating as well as changes aimed at improving the borough’s resilience to man-made climate change, such as tree planting and sustainable drainage. 

Each space was developed by the Council’s in-house urban design team in consultation with local residents and businesses. 

Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm
We’re determined to make Hackney fairer and greener by using funding from developers to reclaim and redesign public spaces for our residents.

These beautiful new projects showcase what can be done by building better public spaces that promote walking and cycling, and create new green areas for people to enjoy.
Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm

Information about the schemes 

Bowling Green Walk

Pavement and lighting improvements, with the removal of a gate to support walking and cycling. 

Brunswick Place

Creation of a new public space, in a residential part of Shoreditch, involving as much tree planting as possible and new planting beds with entirely sustainable drainage. 

New Inn Yard

Street remodelled with trees, cycle parking and seating to make it more pedestrian and cycle friendly and to encourage the use of outdoor space by businesses. Stone is used to complement the existing architectural character of the street.

Principal Place

Street tree planting, an expanded TfL cycle hire station and an improved junction create a better space for pedestrians.

Garden Walk 

A road closure with additional street tree planting. 

Worship Square (junction of Worship Street, Clifton Street and Holywell Row)

A new civic space, closing off several roads and replacing car and motorcycle parking with soft landscaping, lots of tree planting, seating and a water fountain. The space uses colourful stone to create a distinctive space to walk through and enjoy.