Council passes motion supporting the abolition of Section 21 ‘no fault' evictions

A motion committing the Council to lobbying Government to end Section 21 'no fault' evictions - a law which lets private landlords evict tenants with as little as two months’ notice without having to give a reason - was passed last night.

The motion, proposed by Cllr Sem Moema and seconded by Cllr Caroline Woodley, will see the Council call on the Government to deliver on a previous commitment to scrapping Section 21 and ensure a change in Prime Minister does not change these plans as part of the #BetterRenting campaign.

Research by Generation Rent has shown that Section 21 evictions are the leading cause of homelessness in England. With over 30,000 households in the borough now renting privately, nearly one in three Hackney residents are vulnerable to eviction with little notice and through no fault of their own.


Cllr Sem Moema, Mayoral Adviser for Private Renting and Housing Affordability
In Hackney, the number of homeless applications has increased significantly in the current year, as have the numbers placed in temporary accommodation and who are rough sleeping.

The loss of private rented accommodation is a leading cause of homelessness in Hackney, driving residents to seek support from the Council, including through Temporary Accommodation. The number of residents now in Temporary Accommodation is 3,100, costing the Council £13 million per year.

Mass homelessness is a national disgrace, and removing its leading causes should be a priority for the Government.
Cllr Sem Moema, Mayoral Adviser for Private Renting and Housing Affordability