Council and police successfully reduce alcohol-related ASB

A recent evaluation of the borough-wide Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) has revealed that alcohol-related anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Hackney has fallen by 44%, when compared to the 12-months before its introduction.

The DPPO - introduced by the Council last spring – gives police powers to ask drinkers displaying anti-social behaviour to stop; they can also confiscate alcohol and issue a fine to anyone who refuses to give up their alcohol immediately, when asked.

The powers are not aimed at those enjoying the odd glass of wine or beer in a Hackney park, but are being used to tackle the small minority of people whose excessive drinking leads to aggressive or intimidating behaviour.

Although the DPPO gives borough-wide powers, police used local intelligence to target specific areas, with some of the hotspots, including Hoxton Street, benefiting from additional, intensive Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) operations to further improve the local environment.

Deputy Mayor of Hackney, Councillor Sophie Linden says: "These results demonstrate our commitment to improving Hackney by working together. Despite the recent unrest, residents have told us that our work has made a difference. However, we know there is still more to be done to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in some areas of the borough and we will continue to work with our partners and communities to address this."

Jane Easton, Chief Inspector for Safer Neighbourhoods at Hackney Police adds: "These powers are not intended to disrupt peaceful activities, but as demonstrated by the reduction in ASB, help to ensure Hackney is a pleasant place to live and visit."