Proposal submitted to return housing management to the Council

The future management of Hackney Council’s housing stock will be discussed by the Council’s Cabinet, after Hackney Council and the Board of Hackney Homes submitted a joint proposal to consult tenants and leaseholders on returning housing management to the Council in April 2016.

Cabinet will consider the proposals at its meeting on 21 July and subject to agreement by Cabinet that consultation will begin in August.

Hackney Homes was set up in 2006, by the Council in order to access external investment to fund the Decent Homes programme. Hackney Homes have been successful in the delivery of this objective and the Decent Homes programme, which will be completed by March 2015, has achieved the replacement of windows at more than 16,000 properties and led to more than 6,000 kitchens and bathrooms being upgraded.

The current management agreement between Hackney Homes and the Council expires on 31 March 2016, and there is a legal requirement to consult with secure and introductory tenants, before any changes are made to housing management arrangements. Leaseholders will also be included in this consultation.

Charlotte Graves, Chief Executive of Hackney Homes said: “The Council and Hackney Homes Board feel that now is the right time to consult residents about the future management of housing in Hackney and we’re keen to hear the views of as many residents as possible.

“Should Cabinet agree, we will be working together to deliver that consultation over the summer, and we will be ensuring that tenants and leaseholders understand the options. The Council and Hackney Homes have a good relationship and a strong partnership and the consultation will be built on that.”

Tim Shields, Chief Executive of Hackney Council and Electoral Registration Officer
Hackney Homes was primarily set up to deliver the Decent Homes Programme which will be successfully completed next year. Hackney Council is proud of its strong partnership with Hackney Homes and we see the proposal to consult with tenants and leaseholders on this joint recommendation as another example of this.
Tim Shields, Chief Executive of Hackney Council and Electoral Registration Officer