Common standards for green spaces on Hackney s estates

GREEN spaces on Hackney’s housing estates should conform to a borough-wide set of high standards, according to an Overview and Scrutiny report this week.

A review of Hackney’s green spaces by the borough’s Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission has made a number of recommendations, which have gone before full Council this week.

Representatives from Hackney Homes and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) should also be members of a Green Spaces Forum, to maintain top quality green areas in the borough’s housing estates, and ensure a standard approach.

The Commission also recommends that councillors play a more active and formal role as local champions of parks and open spaces in their wards. Responding to the Commission’s findings, the Cabinet proposes local elected members participate in the development of parks management plans through Park User Groups.

More informal play area provision was also something Commission members wanted to see from the Parks Service, while greater publicity for all parks and green spaces, through various media, should form part of a forthcoming Open Spaces strategy.

Cllr Harvey Odze, Chairman of the Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission, said: “As a borough with high density housing and a significant percentage of residents living in social housing with no access to private gardens, the need for well-maintained local green space is obvious.

“It is reassuring to see the Cabinet is now moving to adopt recommendations made in our report, as the borough’s parks are some of Hackney’s greatest assets.”

Scrutiny Commissions are made up of Councillors from all political parties who investigate issues of local concern. Reviews are evidence-based and non-political.

The Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission considers issues including the environment, sustainable transport, and housing.

For more information, and to attend a meeting of a Scrutiny Commission, visit or contact the Scrutiny team on 020 8356 3341.