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Clarification: Hackney will not be introducing a 'rough sleeping' PSPO

Hackney Town Hall

Following a recent report in the Hackney Citizen, Hackney Council has clarified its position regarding Public Space Protection Orders.

A Hackney Council Spokesperson said: "The Hackney Citizen article “Future PSPOs: we will not rule them out, says Hackney Council” is entirely misleading and inaccurate.

"The draft report mentioned in the article was produced by a backbench committee, as part of the Council’s scrutiny process and is independent from the views of the leadership of the Council. This was explained to the Hackney Citizen

"The Council will not be introducing a PSPO including any reference to rough sleeping and certainly does not regard the views of residents as a “passing social media campaign”. As we said when we withdrew our previous proposals, we recognise the overwhelming strength of public opinion and will review the best way of tackling anti-social behaviour in Hackney."