Census is coming to Hackney

People in Hackney can play a vital role in determining how much money the borough gets from central government for local services, as part of the 2011 Census.

The census is a count of an area’s population coordinated by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is used by the Government to calculate how much funding Hackney should receive for services like health, education, and police, as well as all of the services provided to residents by the Council, such as adult social care, refuse collection and activities for young people. The more accurate the count, the fairer the funding.

Census questionnaires will be delivered to every household in England and Wales during March. The form contains a range of questions covering areas like work, health, ethnic background and languages spoken. Everyone who lives in a household on Sunday, 27 March 2011 needs to be included. People who are visiting overnight will also need to be included as part of that household.

At the last census in 2001, over 25 per cent of households in Hackney didn’t return their questionnaire, which meant the area potentially missed out on hundreds of millions of pounds of funding over the last decade. This time, it is hoped every household will return their form.

Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney, said: “It’s essential that every household in Hackney takes the time to fill in the census. The more households that fill in the census forms; the more money we will get for local services. This year’s census will be one of the most important ever for people in Hackney.

“The Council is facing more than £80 million in Government spending cuts over the next four years; we need to ensure that central Government has an accurate understanding of the borough’s population and its needs, so this is reflected in how much money we receive for vital services in the local community.

“The census is also critical to the Council and its partners in deciding how to plan and deliver services such as transport, adult social care, healthcare and education.

Alan Self, census Area Manager for Hackney, said: “We will be working with the Council and other key partners to raise awareness of the census and when it needs to be returned by. People should complete and return their questionnaire before, on or as soon as possible after 27 March 2011; they just need to make sure their answers refer to the number of people who stayed at that household overnight.”

The Census is completely confidential and information will not be shared with the Council, Government departments or any other organisations. The information is only used to produce and analyse data on numbers of people and the service need of the area.

For the first time, people can fill in their census form online by visiting People will also be able to call the census helpline from Friday, 4 March 2011 on 03000 201 101 for support, including language support. This will cost no more than a national call, regardless of which telephone provider people are with.

15% of Hackney’s population live in households with seven or more people and the census form only allows for six people. If there are more than six people in the household, the householder must either complete the questionnaire online or order a continuation form or forms by calling the Census helpline. These forms will not be posted through letterboxes; census staff in Hackney will make contact with the householder to link the main form with the continuation form.

For further information about the census and what it means, visit