Call for businesses to join Hackney 100

Hackney Council is relaunching its innovative Hackney 100 programme this year and is calling for local businesses to sign-up to the scheme and support local young people in realising their ambitions.

Following a successful pilot programme in 2014/15, the Council is re-introducing its paid work placement scheme for Hackney residents aged 16-19. The programme gives 100 young people who live or study in Hackney their first experience of the working world while enabling employers to attract and retain future talent.



Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney
The Hackney 100 programme pilot was a huge success and saw our young residents take up placements across a whole host of industries. We want to make this year an even bigger success with more local businesses on board supporting even more young people across the borough. It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to give back to the local community while also gaining a committed and enthusiastic employee that will complete real work and bring new skills to their company.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

The roles that the Council hopes to secure will give young people an insight into future careers and the variety of opportunities available in Hackney.

Cllr Carole Williams, Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills and Human Resources
It will help to provide young people in Hackney with the skills, confidence and contacts to become successful after they leave education. Participants from the Hackney 100 pilot have gone on to complete further work placements with other companies as well as secure offers from top universities. Being paid a fair wage in their first experience of work also helped to teach participants about the value of work and enable them to become financially independent for the duration for the programme.
Cllr Carole Williams, Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills and Human Resources

As a large employer itself, Hackney Council is leading by example by employing 25 Hackney 100 participants in a variety of roles.


Amera Hussain, 18, Hackney 100 graduate from the programme pilot
Working with the finance department at Hackney Council was by far the most useful and rewarding work experience I've completed to date. Not only did this experience enhance my skills such as written and verbal communication, team work, flexibility and so forth, but it broadened my visions on career prospects.
Amera Hussain, 18, Hackney 100 graduate from the programme pilot

Berkeley Homes is one of the businesses that took part in the Hackney 100 programme pilot and is an advocate of the scheme. Dan Massie, Head of Development at Berkeley Homes, said: “Hackney 100 has created that link between businesses and young people living and studying in the borough that we didn’t previously have. It has given us an opportunity to tap into some of the best young talent in Hackney and showcase the wide range of jobs available in our industry.”

If your business would like to be involved in the Hackney 100 programme, please email hackney100@hackney.gov.uk. For more information visit hackney.gov.uk/hackney100.