Cabinet approve introduction of motorcycle parking permits

Residents who own motorcycles could be charged an average of £5 per month to park outside their home under proposals approved by Hackney Council’s Cabinet this week. 

The plans are aimed at tackling London’s poor air quality, and will see emissions-based permits introduced for motorcycles as they already are for cars. Motorcycles are known to emit more harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution compared to cars. 

In addition, Euro IV emissions standards only apply to motorbikes registered from 2016 and mopeds registered from 2017. 

Seven of the 11 other inner London boroughs already charge motorcycle riders for permits and it is hoped that the introduction of emissions-based permits will encourage riders to switch to less polluting models. 

Under the proposals, businesses would also have to apply for permits for their motorcycles, and visiting motorcycle riders would have to use a visitor permit if parking in resident permit holder bays. This would discourage short journeys, and encourage commuting riders to use public transport instead. 

Motorcycles would continue to be charged at current rates if they park in pay and display bays. 

The decision by Cabinet follows a consultation with local people on the changes last year. While respondents were not in support of the proposals, 84% were concerned about Hackney’s air quality. 

In response to consultation feedback and the current period of economic uncertainty, permits will be introduced on a phased basis over three years from spring 2022. 

Residents also said that they felt their motorcycle was unsafe when parked on the road. In response to this, the Council will introduce new lockable motorcycle bays on request from residents and businesses.

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney
London’s air quality crisis causes around 10,000 premature deaths every year and means we have to take action to tackle it where we can. 

Introducing a modest emissions-based charge for motorcycles will help to encourage riders - including the estimated 1,000 riders who commute to Hackney every day - to switch to more sustainable forms of transport, reducing pollution and improving the health of our residents. We will introduce these new charges gradually and these plans will also allow us to better support local infrastructure to support all motorcyclists in the borough.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

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