Hackney Central,

Businesses invited to have their say by applying to join Hackney Central Community Panel

Businesses are being invited to apply to join a community panel designed to ensure that changes taking place in Hackney Central meet the priorities of the local community. 

The Hackney Central Community Panel was established by the Council in June 2021 as a way of ensuring the community has an input into strategic decisions and developments in Hackney Central from an early stage.

The Council aims to help create 1,000 new jobs and 3,000 new homes in Hackney Central by 2033, centred on investment in transport infrastructure, key sites and improving public spaces. This transformation must happen in a way that is shaped by the priorities of local people, businesses and community groups, collaboratively building on what’s important and unique about Hackney Central, while addressing some of the area’s challenges.

The Hackney Central Community Panel is a group of residents, businesses and representatives from local organisations who meet every two months to discuss the future of Hackney Central.

We want to tap further into Hackney Central’s diverse business community so that the Panel can act as a mechanism for conversation, idea development and updates, and inspire a collective sense of custodianship for the future for the area. 

Businesses currently represented on the panel include textiles and crafts studio Make Town and The Five Points Brewing Company, as well as community groups such as St Joseph’s Hospice and Hackney Historic Building Trust. You can see the full list of members here

Council officers will review the applications and members will be decided based on their:

  • Connection to the area and understanding of the local context
  • Interest and desire to make Hackney Central better
  • Representation of different issues and diversity of stakeholders in Hackney Central
  • There are two new spaces available on the Panel for businesses

What issues does the Panel discuss?

The function of the Panel is to encourage discussion about the future of Hackney Central. Participants share their challenges and ideas with the Council to start conversations, develop ideas and work out the best way of involving different communities across Hackney Central to determine its future. The Panel were involved in informing the wider community engagement strategy, advising the Council on methods for reaching the wider community in the area.

Specific discussions can focus on investments in transport infrastructure, key sites and public spaces. While the Panel provides invaluable insight, its role is solely advisory. The Council remains committed to its wider consultation and engagement work in the area.  

We’re committed to ensuring a fair recovery from the pandemic and rebuilding a cleaner, greener and more accessible Hackney Central. As the town centre grows, we will work with partners to safeguard what local people value most, support local businesses to continue thriving in a changing economy, and ensure local people are the first to benefit from the changes taking place.

Interested businesses can apply here by 21 December 2022.

For more information on the panel visit our website

For more information on applying contact business@hackney.gov.uk