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Best selling author joins Hackney reading group


Best selling crime author Quintin Jardine joined Hackney Council’s Telephone Book Group to talk about his latest book, Funeral Note.

The group gives the dozen members, aged 42 to 98, who can’t get to their local library an opportunity to share their love of books and reading. The group also gets together two or three times a year giving members a chance to meet each other in person and build on their friendships.

Since it began in 2008 the book group has discussed 40 books including classic novels, crime thrillers, bestsellers and biographies. Every six weeks a new book is delivered for free in ordinary print, large print or talking book format as some of the group members are registered blind. All members need to get involved is a landline telephone.

The involvement of authors bring a new dimension to the group giving members have a chance to quiz the writer of the book they have just read. It also gives them an insight into the life of a best selling author.

Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council
The Community Library Service is a lifeline for those residents that use it, which is why the Council is committed to continuing to provide this service for our most vulnerable residents. Through the telephone book club we are able to give people a chance to talk to others who share their love of books and it has proved to be a powerful aid in combating isolation and loneliness and involving people in their local community.
Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council

During his session Quintin talked to the group about writing crime novels about the same detective Bob Skinner spanning 25 years. He also talked about his life and works and he told how the inspiration for one of his books, ‘A Rush of Blood’, came from a line in Cold Play song. He had originally come up with the title ‘Drumming Up The Worms’ after watching blackbirds making noise on the ground on his lawn but the publisher had sent him away to come up with something better and the Cold Play lyric fitted perfectly. 

Quintin Jardine said: “I'm always happy to do tele-conferences with readers, having done several for the RNIB in recent years. I congratulate Hackney on following that example. Feedback is always valuable, and I like to think that I contribute something too.”

Book group member, 93 year old Kathleen McNee said: “The book group is marvellous, I enjoy taking part in it even if sometimes I just listen, being part of it makes me feel just that little bit wanted.”Hackney Council’s Community Library Service, runs the telephone book club, for housebound people in partnership with Community Service Volunteers and charity RSVP.

The Community Library service is free and open to all Hackney residents who are unable to get to their local library. For residents who find it difficult to get the library the Council’s Community Library can deliver books, talking books, films and music. For more information or to join the telephone book club call 020 8356 5238.

The next reading group one is scheduled for September 15. Funeral Note is available from all Hackney’s libraries.