A fair recovery for Hackney Central – first images of £3 million station upgrade released

Major investment in Hackney Central London Overground station can be the catalyst for a cleaner, greener and more accessible town centre beyond the pandemic, Hackney Council has said after the first images of the £3 million station upgrade were released.

The improvements – being delivered by Arriva Rail London in partnership with Hackney Council, Transport for London and Network Rail and funded by the Department for Transport – include a new second entrance on Graham Road to ease congestion and provide quicker and more direct access to the town centre. The plans also include new cycle parking spaces and additional trees and greenery and an additional staircase within the station to make the interchange between Hackney Central and Hackney Downs stations easier for customers.

The changes, which are due to start in June 2021 and be ready early next year, are made possible by Hackney Council providing land on Graham Road for the new entrance – one of the first actions in plans to deliver on priorities set by more than 4,000 local people as part of the large scale engagement exercise the Hackney Central Conversation.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville
Hackney Central station has become an important gateway to Hackney Central town centre, and I’m delighted that we’re getting on with plans to make journeys easier for passengers and encourage more people to use sustainable transport.  

This is just a starting point in our commitment to creating a cleaner, greener and more accessible town centre and managing the change that needs to happen to accommodate new homes and jobs, tackle the climate emergency, support Hackney’s economy to reopen and deliver a fair and inclusive recovery.

By making the best use of our own land, working in collaboration with partners, and listening to what people told us in the Hackney Central Conversation, we’re committed to ensuring local people and businesses should be the first to benefit from the changes taking place.
Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville
Chris Heaton-Harris, Rail Minister
Our investment in Hackney Central will create a better station, alleviating congestion and improving journeys for passengers across London. These much-needed improvements will make a huge difference to people as they return to the railway in larger numbers, and I look forward to seeing this upgrade completed early next year.
Chris Heaton-Harris, Rail Minister
This new station entrance on Graham Road will make it even more convenient for customers using Hackney Central station and London Overground services.  With more direct access to the town centre and an easy interchange with Hackney Downs station, we are sure customers will really appreciate these improvements.
Rory O’Neill, TfL’s General Manager for London Overground
We are delighted to be supporting our client, Transport for London, in the construction of a second entrance at Hackney Central station. This work will provide huge benefits for London Overground customers and will have a significant impact on our ability to run a safe and reliable railway.
Paul Hutchings, Managing Director of Arriva Rail London

The Hackney Central Conversation report has highlighted greener streets, cleaner air and more accessible public spaces as key priorities set by around the local community, with residents and businesses local people also keen to see antisocial behaviour being tackled, investment in parks and green spaces, and controls on new development to help protect Hackney Central’s unique character.

Hackney Council is already responding to some of the priorities identified, with the much-loved community garden the Garden of Earthly Delights supported to move to a new Council-owned site in Hackney Central, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets in place to help people to walk and cycle, and plans to create genuinely affordable new workspace and update local planning rules around Hackney Central due to be announced.

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