4½ inch bladed kitchen knife sold to a minor – Bargain World prosecution brought by Trading Standards

Bargain World in Hoxton has been found guilty of allowing a child to buy a 4 ½ inch bladed kitchen knife. On 29 June 2010 at a trial at Thames Magistrates Court, Chopra Manufacturing Co Ltd, Trading as Bargain World, at 15-16 Hoxton Street, London, N1-6PJ, was found guilty of allowing a knife to be sold. Mr Tanveer Ahmed, a salesperson at the shop, pleaded guilty to selling a knife to a minor.*

The knife, which was part of a kitchen set costing £1.50, was sold to a 15-year-old girl posing as a customer as part of Hackney Trading Standards Officers’ ‘test purchase’ operation. The court ordered Chopra Manufacturing Co Ltd to pay a fine of £985 plus costs of £1000 and a £15 surcharge - a total of £2000. Mr Ahmed was given a 36-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £300 towards the costs of the investigation.

Trading Standards Officers strongly advise all shops selling restricted products such as knives, alcohol and cigarettes, to keep written staff training records, to implement ‘Challenge 25 ’ – where all customers who look under-25 are asked for ID when attempting to buy a restricted product; and to keep a book of purchases refused.

Cllr Feryal Demirci, Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods said: “No responsible person would like to see a knife in the hands of a young person in Hackney. Staff and owners of shops selling knives need to ensure that they are not playing their part in allowing a potentially offensive weapon into the wrong hands by taking precautions with the sale of all knives.

"Our message to retailers is – if in doubt, don’t sell. The council urges those who sell restricted products to use Challenge 25 – where all customers looking to buy a restricted product and appearing to be under the age of 25 are ID-ed.”

Traders wanting to get advice and information on the law relating to restricted products can contact Trading Standards on 020 8356 4929.