£2.5 million for voluntary sector to help Hackney residents

MORE than £2.5million has been awarded to community and voluntary groups in the borough through the Hackney Grants Programme, administered by the Council.

A total of 73 organisations were funded to run 90 projects for local people next year, including Albion Kids Show, Age Concern Hackney, and Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground. Community groups and umbrella organisations such as Jewish charity Interlink, the An-Viet Foundation, and Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre will also receive funding.

The popular annual programme was heavily over-subscribed with requests for nearly three times the available funding. Applications were scored on how well they could help meet key priorities such as tackling unemployment, promoting health and wellbeing and making the borough safer while also demonstrating good value for money.

Here is how some of the organisations will use their funding for the benefit of residents:

Age Concern Hackney: £45,000 to provide activities for older people such as exercise sessions, a lunch club, healthy eating and cookery classes, and a volunteer programme

Albion Kids Show: £59,000 to provide a mobile, free-of-charge play environment for young people, which tours the borough’s housing estates and parks, as well as working with other boroughs to improve Hackney’s play provision

Hackney Family Backup: £50,000 to continue to provide a monthly forum for disabled residents and Council officers to get together and discuss local services

Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground: £59,320 to provide indoor and outdoor play sessions five days a week all year round, after school and during the holidays for children aged 5-15 years old, including activities promoting healthy lifestyles.

Cllr Nargis Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Services said: “It is positive to see the diversity of the borough reflected in the wide range of organisations that received funding this year. Clearly the voluntary and community sectors are adding value at every level when it comes to improving the lives of Hackney residents and the Council are pleased to support this through the administration of the Hackney Grants programme.”