Update on De Beauvoir and Wordsworth Road area traffic reduction schemes

In July it was announced that Transport for London, in partnership with Hackney Council, would make improvements around De Beauvoir Road and Wordsworth Road to make them more pleasant places to live, walk and cycle by reducing 'rat-running' traffic.

The works commenced 17 October 2016. 

We are aware that there have been some concerns  about changes to traffic patterns following the road closures. It is not uncommon for new road layouts to cause some disruption while motorists gain an understanding of the changes and establish new routes and habits. We are currently monitoring the scheme, particularly as to how the changes affect motor traffic in the area, and welcome comments.

Update on De Beauvoir works

We have installed additional signage in the De Beauvoir area to inform drivers where access is restricted to Englefield Road and the A10.

Tottenham Road closure

Complete. Extra sign (‘Road Closures – No access to Englefield Rd or A10’) installed.

Buckingham Road closure

Complete. Extra signs (‘Road Closures – No access to Englefield Rd or A10’) installed.

Culford Road / Culford Grove Closure


Ardleigh Road / Culford Road / Englefield Road Closure and junction upgrade

All works at Ardleigh Road j/w Culford Road completed. Works at Culford Road (south) j/w Englefield Road in progress.

Englefield Road / De Beauvoir Road / Stamford Road junction upgrade


Northchurch Terrace / De Beauvoir Road

Complete. Planting of new flower beds planned late January / early February.

Update on Wordsworth Road works

We have introduced three road closures in the Wordsworth Road Area

Wordsworth Road, Matthias Road and Boleyn Road


Wordsworth Road and Bennett Road

Complete. Camera survey to be undertaken to monitor vehicle activity at the closure.

Salcombe Road and Truman's Road


We have installed ‘no through road’ signs on roads off the A10 (Barretts Grove, Princess May Road, Belgrade Road, Prince George Road, Palatine Road) to inform drivers of restricted access.

We have installed an additional set of bollards at the junction with Matthias Road and improves driver visibility to the closure when approaching from Matthias Road / Boleyn Road. 



If you have any comments on the schemes, please send an email titled ‘CS1 De Beauvoir / Wordsworth Road Closures’ to .

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