Your Safe Ride Home. Sorted - Hackney launches safety campaign with Shoreditch pubs and cabbies

As the nights get lighter, Hackney Council is joining Shoreditch publicans*, TFL and local Police to urge Hoxton clubbers and pub-goers to take a safe ride home by heading for the marshalled taxi rank - opposite Shoreditch Town Hall, close to the 333 Club, Friday and Saturday Nights from 10pm-3am.

Supported by Home Office funding*, Hackney Council is running a promotional campaign throughout April, to raise awareness of the safety advantages of using the rank, particularly among lone women who risk their personal safety every time they step into an unlicensed and untraceable vehicle.

On an average weekend night, the Shoreditch marshalled taxi rank** attracts 120 cabs and as many as 230 passengers. But the Council would like to see more passengers walking to the marshalled rank instead of taking a ride with a random driver. The aim is for noone to wait longer than ten minutes for a safe ride home from the Shoreditch rank.

On weekend nights (March 26-27 and April 2-3 from 11pm-3am), clubbers should look out for the Hackney Hosts, boys and girls wearing Hackney Say Relax T-shirts. The Hosts will be out in Shoreditch, giving directions for the marshalled cab rank as well as "Shhhhhh" branded lollies, to remind people to consider the neighbours as they leave Shoreditch venues. Posters reminding women about the marshalled rank will be on display in the Ladies of neighbouring Shoreditch bars.

Cabbies will also be encouraged to head for the rank to pick up custom with the incentive of branded air-fresheners and “Tea and a Wee” – a month-long promotion, where licensed taxi drivers can use the facilities and get a free brew at The Old Blue Last and the Barley Mow pub on weekend nights until the wee small hours.***

Steve Douglas, Hackney Council Corporate Director for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration said: “Marshalls at the Shoreditch taxi rank pride themselves on offering quality customer service. As cabbies themselves, they know how to listen to their customers, and appreciate how important it is for lone women, especially those who may have been out for a drink, to get their safe ride home sorted.”

Tony Ellis, Operational Manager for TFL Marshalled Taxi Rank said: “We’re more than just a taxi rank. All of the marshalls here are experienced working cabbies. We do excellent local directions, and a lot of listening. We’re part of the furniture now, but what’s important is that we’re plugged into the community safety efforts that go on all the time in Shoreditch - we know the doormen, the pubs, the local police and the council’s CCTV team. And our aim is to get everyone, who waits at the rank, home safe.”