Work starts to improve fencing at Clissold Park deer enclosure


Work started this week on improvements to the fencing around the deer enclosure at Clissold Park. It is hoped that improved fencing will keep other animals out of the enclosure and allow us to move the foxes which currently live in the enclosure, posing a risk to the deer. 

Last year we started working with the RSPCA to explore humane ways to remove the foxes from the enclosure and protect the deer. Following their advice, this will involve works to the fence – both above and below ground - and some work to trees overhanging the enclosure.

When the work on the fencing is complete and we are advised that it is appropriate to do so, we plan to move the foxes to an area just outside the deer enclosure, which should be within their existing territory. 

Work began on Monday 15 August and is expected to be complete by Friday 2 September. Work is being conducted by specialist contractors used to working in proximity to animals. The contractors will also be supervised by our deer adviser.