Urinals for Shoreditch night owls

Following the successful pilot of temporary urinals in Shoreditch, Hackney council has purchased five portable urinals, which will be installed in Hoxton Square on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Cllr Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “During the pilot, local residents told us that they really appreciated the introduction of the portable urinals and wanted the service to continue.

“There are a large number of pubs and bars in Shoreditch and whilst we certainly want people to visit the area and enjoy all the great nightspots around Old Street, we do not want them urinated in the street. Now there’s no excuse for doing so.”

The pilot scheme ran for three months, during which time the four urinals were monitored to check they were being used and that they had been put in the most suitable places. Typically the urinals collected around100 gallons of urine each weekend, which would otherwise be distributed around the Hoxton area.

Last year, four of Hackney Council’s public conveniences were awarded “4 stars” in the national “Loo of the Year Awards” 2007. The modern conveniences in Ridley Road, Hoxton Market, Mare Street (Narrow Way) and Stamford Hill won the awards for cleanliness, security and accessibility.

The council has invested in providing high quality, safe loos for residents over recent years.

For further information on public conveniences in the borough please call 020 8356 3000.

The temporary urinals are collected and emptied at 6am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.