Update on London Fields traffic management scheme

In January 2016 the Council consulted on a number of potential traffic management options to reduce the amount of traffic using Middleton Road, which is part of TfL’s Quietway 2 route between Bloomsbury and Walthamstow.

The consultation was discussed at Cabinet in July 2016, where it was agreed that the Council would:

  • implement width restrictions in Middleton Road to remove heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) from Middleton Road
  • work with local residents and cycling groups to investigate and identify further options to address the traffic and pollution issues raised during the consultation.

Width restrictions were installed on Middleton Road in November 2016.

The Council also appointed independent consultants to review the consultation responses, analyse the concerns, score them in light of the Council’s Transport Strategy and recommend actions in order of priority. Issues raised in the report include traffic volumes and speeds, air quality, safety and local schools. The report also outlines the methodology used, provides an assessment of individual measures requested via the consultation (including benefits and disbenefits) and includes tables of the scoring used.

Download the report

What happens next?

Council officers will meet with local resident groups and key stakeholders to discuss the way forward in principle, before the Council formally approves it.

We will then provide another update to announce any proposed scheme(s) and the indicative programme for consultation and implementation. This is likely to be in September 2017.