Underage sales rap for Hackney business

Mr Hassan Yaman and Mr Soner Yaman were found guilty of selling alcohol to a minor at Thames Magistrates Court on Monday 18 January 2010.

A Hackney Council Trading Standards operation, which involved sending an under-age volunteer police cadet into shops to make test-purchases, saw Best City Foods - 51- 53 Pitfield Street. London N1 - sell the child a bottle of Vodka without asking for ID.

Mr Hasan Yaman of 38 Buller Road. London N17 was found guilty of selling alcohol to a person under the age of 18 while the license holder and designated premises supervisor*, Mr Soner Yaman was also found guilty of failing to exercise due diligence or put systems in place to prevent children from being exposed to alcohol in the premises.

Hasan Yaman was fined a total of £315.00 including costs while Sonar Yaman was fined a total of £540.00 including costs.

Cllr Alan Laing, Member of Cabinet for Neighbourhoods said: “Selling alcohol to a child is inexcusable. Hackney retailers and license holders know that there are basic and effective ways to age-proof their business so they don’t make mistakes. For example, they can simply ask a young people for ID. It only takes a minute. But this shop didn’t make the smallest effort, and were willing to let a child walk away with a bottle of spirits in his hand.”


* responsible for the safe sale of alcohol in the shop.