The Mayor of Hackney's Business Awards - celebrating business success in Hackney

With over 9,000 businesses in the borough from market traders to international creative design and manufacturing agencies, Hackney is home to a vast array of entrepreneurial talent.   

Aimed at rewarding those contributing the most to the life and prosperity of the borough, the awards will be selected by a panel of leading local business people and chaired by the Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe. Businesses are invited to nominate others or themselves in one of the categories.Nominations close on 23 February and the awards ceremony will be held at BL-NK, East Road, Shoreditch on 20 March. Businesses can be entered for any or all of the categories.

To receive an award, businesses must show a commitment to the community and employees by getting involved in local activities and adhering to the principle of fair pay and employee development.  They should also support other local companies and help look after the local environment. 

Entries will be judged by a panel of local business experts, with the top three shortlisted entries in each category invited to attend the awards ceremony. 

"This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of Hackney's multi-talented and richly varied business community which ranges from international giants to truly local businesses. "These awards are aimed at recognising innovation, outstanding commitment and the willingness to go the extra mile by those firms who do so much to support the local economy and community, creating local jobs and other opportunities. "I would urge businesses to make sure local talent received the recognition is deserves and to make sure you get your nomination in before the deadline."
Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hackney

The categories are:

 Best Hackney Entrepreneur - for the person who best represents the spirit of entrepreneurship in Hackney by creating an innovative new product or service and be someone who inspires and supports others.

Best Business Contribution to Hackney  - for the business that has created jobs and contributed most to the prosperity and economic health of the borough.

Best Creative Business  - for the business that has demonstrated high levels of innovation and creativity.  It could be a new concept in service delivery, an inventive new product or a new way of doing business itself.   

Best Sustainable Business - for the business that has taken steps to put the environment at the centre of its business model .

Best Hackney Business  - for the business that is a trailblazer in its sector. 

People's Choice Award - the award will be made by the people of Hackney voting for their favourite local business. It could be a café, restaurant, shop, fashion label, creative agency or hotel.  

Hackney's Town Centre Managers have come up with a shortlist of businesses for the People's Choice Award based on a number of criteria, including customer service and the quality of service or products offered.  Residents are invited to choose their favourite from the selection, or else they can nominate another business.

Voting closes on 23 February.

Editor’s notes

The awards will be selected by a group of leading London business figures:


The panel  is:

 Iqbal Wahhab, OBE  -  restaurant owner and food critic.

 Kanya King MBE  -  an internationally recognised entrepreneur and innovator in the British music industry.  

Caren Downie – fashion  consultant. One of the founders of Hackney’s unique Fashion Hub.

 Eric Van der Kleij  - entrepreneur 

For further information about the awards, the selection process and how to nominate a business visit: