Thank you for recycling, let’s keep it up

Recycling of household waste has shown a significant increase in Hackney over the last six years, thanks to the efforts of residents.

In 2002 Hackney recycled around 1% of all household waste. The Council’s recycling services have expanded and improved and residents are now recycling more than ever before. In 2008 over 17000 tonnes of household waste was collected for recycling in Hackney, around 23% of all household waste generated in the borough.

As part of national Recycle Week (22-28 June), the Council wants to thank residents for their recycling efforts, which help make Hackney a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit.

Councillor Alan Laing, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods said: “Thank you to the many residents who support the Council in our commitment to help make Hackney a cleaner, greener borough. Recycle Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness and encourage others to do their bit by making recycling part of their regular routine.”

The theme for this year, the fifth annual national Recycle Week, is let s waste less... , encouraging all of us to try something new in an effort to go greener and cut back on the waste we produce.

From recycling more of everyday items like glass jars, newspapers and plastic bottles to reusing carrier bags or composting at home, there are lots of opportunities to promote how we can all reduce the amount of waste we send for disposal.

A part of the week people across the UK will be encouraged to make a pledge to reduce waste and recycle more. These pledges can be made online or in person at events being held across the country.

In Hackney we will be holding an event on Thursday 25 June, 11am - 3pm, on the Narrow Way, Mare Street, E8. Residents will be able to speak to members of the Council’s recycling team, learn more about services available, get advice on reducing waste and even get a reusable shopping bag to take away.

Whatever pledge(s) you choose to make your efforts really will help to make a difference. Keep up the great work and recycle in Hackney.

To find out more about recycling in Hackney call 020 8356 6688 or visit: