Tenants urged to check their heating now


Hackney Council is urging tenants to think ahead and check their heating before the cold weather begins to bite.

The Council receives a high number of calls about faulty heating systems from October as the nights draw in and temperatures drop. This can lead to a backlog of emergency call-outs that mean some residents may face waiting for heating repairs.

To prevent being left in the cold, Council tenants that have their own heating systems – not a communal heating system – are being advised to check their heating now and report any problems immediately.

It is quick and simple to test your heating and will leave you reassured that you are prepared for winter. All you need to do is:

  • Make sure you have both gas and electric credit on your meters.

  • Turn on your programmer to heating.

  • Turn on all radiator valves.

  • Turn the room thermostat to maximum.

  • The heating valves should open and the pump should run.

  • Radiators should now get hot.

  • Run for 5 minutes and then turn off.

Steve Platt, Head of Building Maintenance and Estate Environment, said: “It is very important that you check your heating now. Your boiler will likely be working but it may only be in hot water mode. But you should check your heating is ready for winter. We don’t want any of our tenants to be left waiting for repairs and urge you to work with us on helping to prevent any problems.”

If the heating does not come on after carrying out these checks, tenants can report the repair online at: or alternatively call: 0208 356 3691.