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Summer fun in Hackney Central


The free cultural programme of events on Hackney Central's Narrow Way is well under way, with plenty more special activities planned throughout the summer.

So far the visitors to the street have enjoyed a performance from the London Gypsy Orchestra as well as workshops by creative company Artburst, which have included building a giant rubbish-eating dragon to parade along the Narrow Way.  

The St John at Hackney fete, organised by Hackey Homemade, also included a packed day of events with a Kids Got Talent competition, live music and a performance from Marawa the Amazing Hoola Hooping Girls as well as a Brazilian carnival procession from La Vaca Loca.

There is much more to come throughout the summer holidays too, from a mini kids festival with games and creative workshops to street dressing and more musical performances.  There will also be a huge family festival on Saturday 7 September from Mimbre, a local and international circus and street theatre company, who will be filling the area with interactive performances including live music, street dance and acrobatics.  

The cultural programme was created by the Council in celebration of the pedestrianisation of Hackney Central's Narrow Way, a six month trial designed to help breath new life into the street which will include vast improvements to the areas public space.


This exciting and imaginative cultural and arts led programme led and produced by local organisations, is helping to bring forward a new and stronger identity for the Narrow Way. A reputation as a place for all to meet, shop, have fun and relax. This is one of the most important parts of the wider regeneration of Hackney town centre, it brings people together, residents and visitors alike and encourages more of us to see the Narrow Way as a destination, a place to take our custom to.
Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Hackney Council

Don’t miss saying hello to Hackney resident, Sarah Pletts, who is helping to greet people on the Narrow Way with her ‘Hackney is Friendly’ cart, which aims to show how the simple act of being friendly changes people and places.

“Standing on the Narrow Way being friendly is a fascinating and humbling experience. Many people have come to talk to me about their feelings about Hackney and their lives here. My experience is that Hackney is a really special place to be because it is so friendly and tolerant of its diverse citizens. I really wanted to celebrate that, and to encourage even more friendliness, creating a space where different kinds of people can meet and chat to each other”, said Sarah. To find out more about the project and her experiences as well as dates and times to visit Sarah on the street, visit:

For more information about the up and coming events and details about the plans for the wider regeneration of Hackney Central, visit: