Statement on disturbance in Dalston

Statement from Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville:

"Like all Hackney residents, I was shocked and upset by the disturbances in Dalston last night. Whilst some of the coverage seen on social media and in certain media outlets may have sensationalised the scale of the trouble, the images of police being attacked on the streets of Hackney were disturbing and I know residents were concerned.

I want to reiterate Rashan Charles’ family’s calls for peace and calm. The Charles family is in mourning for their son and have made it very clear they do not want any violence or unrest. This is the second time in a week that a peaceful protest has been hijacked by a small number of people with no interest in remaining peaceful or respecting the family’s wishes. I continue to offer to meet with the close or extended family if they would find it useful.

I met with local youth groups and other members of the community last week and have stayed engaged with them – there are still a lot of questions about the circumstances of Rashan’s death and people understandably want answers. However, the IPCC are analysing a large amount of evidence, including CCTV footage which is not in the public domain, which will take time. They are engaging with Rashan's family, members of the community and setting up a community reference group to make sure that residents have confidence in the process. We need to all make sure that all our questions and anger about what has happened is channelled into the investigation."