Statement from the Mayor of Hackney

No one could fail to be shocked and saddened by the recent surge of violence across London in recent weeks and here in Hackney.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones to acts of senseless violence, and as a Council our priority has been to work closely with the community to provide support and reassurance following these tragic attacks.

Hackney remains a safe place to live and work, with crime rates still well below what they were 15 years ago, but the recent increase in violence concerns us all. A very small minority of people in London are involved in violent crime, but clearly even a small number is too many, and recent events have been felt right throughout our community. The last few weeks have shone a light on the need for action across the capital to make sure no more families have to go through what too many are dealing with today.

Over many years, Hackney Council - and in particular our youth services, Integrated Gangs Unit and community safety team - has worked tirelessly with the police and other local partners to divert young people away from crime, create meaningful opportunities and keep residents safe. Despite this ongoing investment, we know we cannot do this alone, and we will host an urgent meeting of our partners and community leaders in the coming days to discuss concerns and urgently look at what more we can do together to respond.. Earlier this week we met with senior leadership in the Metropolitan Police and Deputy Mayor Linden to discuss these issues and we welcome today’s announcement of more visible on the ground policing resources.

In the meantime, I would echo calls across London for an end to violence and for anyone who might know anything about the murders that have taken place in Hackney - or who might be worried that someone they know is involved in gang violence - to contact the police or our Children and Families Service on 020 8356 5500.
Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney