Speaker helps to give local youngsters a Chance

The Speaker of Hackney, Cllr Susan Fajana-Thomas, hosted a ‘graduation ceremony’ at Hackney Town Hall for local children who have successfully completed a mentoring scheme.

The scheme was run by Chance UK – a national organisation that works with children with behavioural problems. The children who are all aged between five and 11, had met with trained mentors for a few hours a week for one year. The mentors raise children s self esteem via activities such as sports, visiting museums, making scrapbooks or anything the child may be interested in - the aim is to intervene early into the lives of those at risk of developing anti-social, criminal or offending behaviour.

The Speaker said: “Mentoring young children is a brilliant way to help them think about their lives and consider how they want to shape their futures. In Hackney we are very fortunate that Chance UK can offer this opportunity. The children I met seemed to have really benefited from the scheme and I hope that many more children will be able to do so in the future.”

Chance UK’s Anna Cummins said: “Cllr Fajana-Thomas had a great understanding for the importance of the work that Chance UK does and brought even more of a sense of occasion on this special day for the children that graduated. They thought she was fun and very approachable, with a lovely smile. Chance UK would like to thank Councillor Fajana-Thomas for all her support.”

Photo caption: Cllr Fajana-Thomas with the Chance UK graduates at Hackney Town Hall.