Share your views on Hackney Council’s housing service

Hackney Council tenants, leaseholders and freeholders are being urged to share their views on the Council’s housing services as part of a resident satisfaction survey launching next week.

The annual survey helps inform the Council about what residents think is working well and what needs to be improved. The survey will run for 10 weeks from 14 November 2022 to 20 January 2023.

It seeks to get residents' views on the overall service as well as specific areas such as repairs and maintenance, contacting the team, and its work within communities and on estates. 

An independent research company will analyse the results, with the findings helping with the continued drive to improve the service and ensure it is meeting the needs of residents. The results of the survey will be published on the Council’s website later in the year.

Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Cabinet Member for Housing Services and Resident Participation

We are committed to continually enhancing the service and support our housing services provide our residents. 

To help us do this we need to listen to the views, both good and bad, of the people who use the service. This survey is one of the key ways to help us understand the feelings of our residents about what we are doing well and the areas we need to improve on.

I would encourage all of our tenants, leaseholders and freeholders to make their views known and help us shape and deliver the best possible services for them and their neighbours.

Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Cabinet Member for Housing Services and Resident Participation

Texts and emails will be sent out to Council tenants, leaseholders and freeholders on the Council’s mailing list on 14 November 2022 with a link to the survey. Copies of the survey will also be posted to everyone living in a Hackney Council home by 28 November 2022 with a prepaid envelope so people can send back their comments free of charge.

Any residents who do not receive a survey, or have misplaced their copy, can request a new survey and ID by calling Kwest Research Ltd. on freephone 0800 634 8260.