Residents reminded to have a safe Sukkot

have a safe sukkot

Thousands of residents are set to celebrate the Jewish festival of Sukkot for one week from Wednesday 4 October.

The Council is working with the London Fire Brigade and Shomrim to give residents fire safety advice to help reduce the risk of fire and keep people safe.

Residents taking part in the festival should follow these steps:

  • build sukkahs (a temporary hut constructed for use during Sukkot) on their own land and dismantle them afterwards
  • They should not block escape routes or walkways
  • sukkahs should be kept as small as possible
  • sukkahs should be built at least 5m away from housing, so in the event of a fire homes will not be affected
  • sukkahs should be built with materials that will not burn easily such as fresh green reeds
  • sheets should be avoided unless they are marked as fire proof
  • Open flames, smoking and cooking should not be allowed in the sukkah to help prevent anything catching fire.

Chaim Hochhauser, Shomrim Supervisor said: “Sukkos is a special time of year and it’s important that these fire safety recommendations are followed to help keep everyone safe. The Torah obligates us to live in a healthy and safe way, one may not act recklessly and risk danger.”

After the sukkahs have been dismantled, the leaves, sticks and small branches from its roof can be put into garden waste bins to be collected for free by the Council. For more info on obtaining a garden waste bin, call: 020 8356 6688. For larger items which do not fit in bins or rubbish bags – such as the sides of the sukkah – book a collection in advance by calling: 020 8356 6688; or visiting: www.hackney.gov.uk/bulkywaste

Bulky household waste can also be taken to these waste and recycling centres:

  • Islington - 40 Hornsey Street, N7 8HU
  • Tottenham - Park View Road, N17 9AY
  • Wood Green - Western Road, N22 6UG
  • Waltham Forest - South Access Road, E17 8BS
  • Leyton - Gateway Road, E10 5BY