Rent DVDs and CDs for free from Hackney libraries

CDs and DVDs now free to rent from Hackney libraries

From Monday 1 April all DVD and CD loans at Hackney’s libraries will be free.

With over 26,000 DVDs and 27,000 CDs available, Hackney libraries have around four times as much entertainment as popular streaming site Netflix, which has around 6,500 films available.

From family favorites by Disney such as ‘Peter Pan’, latest releases such as ‘Black Panther’ or old classics such as Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, there is something for everyone to watch.

The charge for renting DVDs and CDs used to be £1 and 50p respectively. As the loans system becomes free, the service joins a whole host of free-to-access digital materials including e-magazines, e-books and mp3s, which can all be borrowed for free with a library card.

Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Sustainability, & Community Services
Library services are at the heart of our communities. We hope that by making CD and DVD loans free, even more people will borrow these items and enjoy entertainment at home as part of the sharing economy. If you don’t already have a library card, this is another great reason to get one and enjoy thousands of books, films, music and magazines all for free.
Cllr Jon Burke, Cabinet Member for Energy, Sustainability, & Community Services

If the new offer at Hackney’s libraries sparks a passion for films, library card holders can watch any film at the Rio Cinema in Dalston on a Tuesday and pay just £5 for adults and £3.50 for children.

Search Hackney Libraries collection here: https://hackney.gov.uk/library-catalogue.