Relax… Pay your Council Tax using Direct Debit


Paying Council Tax using Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay on time throughout the year.

Hackney Council are encouraging residents to make the switch to Direct Debit - an easy, reliable and safe way to pay Council Tax.

Almost half of all properties in the borough, some 46,000 households, have already chosen Direct Debit by either signing-up online or by giving the Council a call to set-up automatic monthly payments.

Traditional ways of paying Council Tax take time to organise and can add to the risk of missed payments. Direct Debit takes this worry out of the equation, leaving the time to do other things in life other than spending time visiting a Bank, Post Office or the Council.

Raising £88m for a range of Council services, from supporting vulnerable people to keeping Hackney’s parks and green spaces maintained, residents paying by Direct Debit also help to reduce the pressure on Council services, freeing-up time for Council teams to focus on other complex matters, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs at a time of reduced government funding.

Making the simple switch to Direct Debit has a number of benefits:

  • Payment will always be made on time, taking the worry away from organising dates and arrangements
  • A choice of four different monthly payment dates are on offer, putting residents in control of when their Council Tax is paid around other finances
  • Once set-up, a Direct Debit guarantee is given for full and immediate refunds if any error is made
  • 12 monthly Direct Debit instalments are on offer, spreading the cost throughout the year
  • Direct Debit can help clear a Council Tax debt with manageable chunks or a one off payment, helping to avoid further costs or court action
Councillor Geoff Taylor, Cabinet Member for Finance
Paying your Council Tax can be less of a worry by switching to Direct Debit, the easy way of spreading the cost throughout the year.

By switching, it puts you in control, with four different monthly payment dates to choose from. More residents moving onto Direct Debit also assists the Council in the work it does by helping to save much needed funds for crucial services.
Councillor Geoff Taylor, Cabinet Member for Finance