Real nappy info and money off vouchers brewing at Nappuccino

Disposable nappies are responsible for around 3% of waste in the UK. That’s the equivalent to the weight of nearly 70,000 double decker buses each year. Using real nappies can half your weekly rubbish, reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% and save £500 (even more if you reuse them on a second child). And it couldn’t be easier to start up thanks to the £54 voucher that Hackney Council offers.

Pick up a voucher and find our more at Nappuccino, a coffe morning for parents to get advice on the different types of nappies and how to use them. It takes place from 2-3.30 pm on Friday 19 June at Hackney Museum Technology and lLearning Centre, Reading Lane, E8.

To register your interest in attending, contact Leonor Barricarte, Recycling Assistant, London Borough of Hackney email,, tel: 020 8356 7930