Past meets future with Stoke Newington photography exhibition at Hackney Museum

002 victorian 191 High Street

The Echoes of the Past exhibition by local historian Amir Dotan brings to life the grand houses, pubs, cinemas and shops that once dominated the scenery of Stoke Newington.

Combining a passion for local history and knowledge of graphic design, Amir blends old photos and drawings with their present day urban settings from Google Street View. Creating a unique collection of ‘mash-up’ images that explores Stoke Newington past and present,

Amir has lived in Stoke Newington for the past 15 years and has sourced historical images from a wide variety of sources, including archives, books, social media and personal collections online.

Amir Dotan said: “The Stoke Newington mash-up project has been an opportunity to create compelling visuals that educate and bring to life old photos that in most cases would otherwise be difficult to place in today's streetscape. Each mash-up image has been a rewarding challenge and creating the collection allowed me to show people how after years of researching Stoke Newington's history I often picture the streets when I walk along them, having seen so many old photos.”

This display reflects on the dramatic changes of the last century and will be available to the public at Hackney Museum from June 12 until the beginning of September. It will then go on to be displayed at Hackney Archives in Dalston CLR James Library.

For more information please visit: www.hackney.gov.uk/museum.