Nominate Hackney’s landmarks to the local list

The Shacklewell Lane Mosque built as a synagogue in 1902 became the first Turkish mosque in the UK in 1977 A distinctive local landmark in Dalston

From a modernist church, to the Dalston peace mural and even a wooden post-box in Stoke Newington, Hackney’s local list is a collection of objects and buildings that contribute to the historical and architectural interest of the borough.

There are currently 470 heritage assets on the local list, which were collected five years ago. The Council is looking to residents to help increase the list and find more places and spaces that should be included.

The local list is a way to identify what is important to the borough and ensure this significance is considered when planning applications are made.


Buildings included on the list must meet at least one of these criteria:

  • historical interest
  • architectural interest
  • environmental significance
  • aesthetic or artistic merit

To nominate to the local list please send in a nomination form to the Conservation, Urban Design and Sustainability team by Friday 26 January 2018.



Deputy Speaker and the Council’s Heritage Champion, Cllr Clare Potter
The local list is a fantastic way to promote local heritage and encourage the preservation of Hackney’s distinct character when planning is being considered. I would encourage all of our residents to get involved and nominate the buildings and landmarks you think should be added to the local list.
Deputy Speaker and the Council’s Heritage Champion, Cllr Clare Potter

For more information on what local listing means, further guidance on criteria, to view the current list, or to complete a nomination form, visit the local list webpage, email locallist@hackney.gov.uk or contact 020 8356 4597.

For inspiration, local group The Hackney Society, have created a useful online tool that lets you view each of the landmarks already on the local list.