Noise leads to loss of licence

A Hackney restaurant owner has lost his premises licence after repeatedly playing loud music that brought complaints from his neighbours.

Mike Bannerman-Hull, licensee of the Gye Nyame Restaurant in Morning Lane, E9, lost his appeal against the Council’s decision to revoke the license. At a hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on 9 and 11 June, the Court upheld the Council’s decision and awarded costs to the Council of £2,334.50.

Hackney Council’s Noise Pollution team visited the premises on a number of occasions following complaints from residents. There are flats above the restaurant, and more on the opposite side of the road.

Mr Bannerman-Hull’s licence did not cover music; the only music allowed was background music, and the licence stated ‘recorded music shall be played at background levels only and at such levels to allow face-to-face conversation.

However, when the Noise Pollution team visited the premises the music was so loud that they could not hear each other above the noise. They had to leave the room in order to discuss the case.

The Council’s Licensing Sub Committee decided to revoke the premises license on the grounds of preventing a public nuisance.

Cllr Alan Laing, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Cases like this show that licensees won’t get away with selfish, anti-social behaviour. The Council does monitor licences to ensure that conditions are being met and we will act to stop any abuses.”